The Caker


First and foremost, I love cake! A cake is an amazing addition to any celebration; a wedding, a birthday party, or Friday night! A beautiful layer cake as a centerpiece will change the mood of the gathering, and I love that something I made can have that sort of impact.

I’ve been creating cakes for friends and family since 2005…baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings! It makes me so happy to play a small part in these life events. In 2007 I finished the Baking & Pastry Arts certificate program at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin. I started my journey on the culinary side of the program, but after a week in the bakery, I knew what I wanted to do: bake. Over the years, my passion has focused in on layer cakes…and that, my friends, is why I call myself a caker!

Sarah Linda & Cake Bemidji:

When we moved back to Bemidji from Madison, I knew I had the perfect opportunity to bring my cakes to a wider audience. I’m licensed by the MN Department of Agriculture under the Cottage Food Law to produce direct-to-consumer cakes in my home kitchen under my name: Sarah Linda. I also have a license to produce cakes in a commercial kitchen in order to sell my products via third parties and under my business name “Cake Bemidji”. I utilize the commercial Community Kitchen at Harmony Coop

Don’t need a whole cake?

You can buy cake-by-the-slice at The Wild Hare and Harmony Coop in downtown Bemidji! Flavors rotate at The Wild Hare on a regular basis, so stop in regularly and try them all! Of course you can sit and enjoy cake with your coffee or tea, or bring a slice back to work for a treat. Either way, your day will be invariably improved.

Things you may be curious about…

What, exactly, is so special about Cake Bemidji cakes? Ha! I thought you’d never ask. First off, they are amazing, and everyone says so. Maybe it’s “Minnesota nice” coming through, but people really seem to love my cake. These are all scratch recipes, made by hand (well, hands…my hands, to be exact). I don’t have a team of people; it’s just me! Just me cracking the cage-free fresh eggs, just me melting the chocolate, etc., etc. From start (baking) to finish (decorating), your cake is lovingly crafted. And I am serious when I use the word lovingly: I love making cake.

Where is Cake Bemidji located? I don’t have a storefront. Maybe someday (sigh). Like I wrote above, I bake cakes at Harmony Coop, using their Community Kitchen. I can also bake at home for direct-to-consumer sales.

Why does Cake Bemidji need to receive an order 7 days before an event? While I would love to be able to fill every cake order, between my day job and the ever-wonderful privilege of being a mom and a spouse, the days fill up fast. You can always try me with less than 7 days notice, and if I can make it happen, I will. 

Does Cake Bemidji make cupcakes? Unfortunately for some of you out there, no. My passion is for layer cakes. I gotta be me.

What about food allergies? Oddly enough, I myself have some sensitivity to both gluten and dairy, so I truly appreciate the challenges with food allergies. I can’t market anything as “gluten free”, because I can’t guarantee against cross-contamination. I will definitely work with you on using a gluten free flour, or dairy alternatives. I even made a cake for a young girl with PKU and her mom loved it! 

Any chance Cake Bemidji has a vegan option, or gluten-free? Yes! I have a delicious vegan cake, complete with a vegan buttercream. The cake made with gluten-free flour is very, very, very good, and is dairy free, too. NOTE: The gluten-free cake is NOT made in a gluten-free kitchen.